Welcome to Capella Ecumenica

Capella Ecumenica Sanctae Annae in scopulis is a chapel in the archipelago of S:t Anna, in the province of Östergötland. In the chapel, which is located on a small island called Västra Gärsholmen, church activity is run from May to September.

On this place one can find a moment of peace during our services or experience some of the great moments in life such as marriage or baptising. Below you can read about the history of Capella Ecumenica and how you can get there.

Getting here

Unless you are travelling with your own boat, you will have to use the boat service which departs from Kungshällsudden every Sunday at 10.00 am and 10.30 am during the summer season. If you would like to visit Capella Ecumenica as a group at any other day, you can contact Bergströms Båtar (Boat Transport Company) at +46 (0)70-825 91 80

Please contact us!

Capella Ecumenica
Skolgatan 18, SE-602 25 NORRKÖPING

Telephone number to the island: +46 (0)72-200 13 64
(from mid May to the beginning of September)
Email to Capella Ecumenica: info@capellaecumenica.se
Note that email is not received nor read out on the island.


Stefan Bielkhammar
+46 (0)70-697 78 86


Elisabet Rydberg Andersson and Hans Andersson
+46 (0)121-400 41


Torbjörn Toftgård
+46 (0)70-264 72 47

Baptisings, weddings and group travels

Karin Sollert
+46 (0)73-813 67 31